Joaquim Cruz

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Did you know?

Joaquim Cruz was the first and still is the only Brazilian athlete to win a track Olympic gold medal. (Los Angeles 1984 - gold in the 800 meters)

In January of 1985 Joaquim Cruz was voted the "Athlete of the Year" by the  Brazilian press.  Cruz received 98 of the 107 total votes. 

Also in 1985, Cruz was nominated the ─thlete of the Year"in Oregon State (USA).

In 1999, Cruz was featured in the sports magazine "Competitor" as one of the Olympic legends of all times.

A survey conducted by the one of  Brazilians top magazine  "Isto ╔", selected Cruz as of of the best  Brazilian athletes of the XX century.

Cruz was the first Brazilian athlete to win a NCAA title.

He was the first Brazilian athlete shown live, competing, wining and receiving an Oyimpic medal in Brazil.

Joaquim Cruz was featured in two national stamps in two countries: Paraguay and Ivory Coast.

Cruz broke the Brazilian and South American record 7 times in the 800 and 1500 meters respectively.